Data Governance Specialist

Location: Richmond, Virginia, USA
Duration: 4 months
Visa Status: USC,GC, GCEAD, H1b, C2C
Job Description:


Change Lead Specialist - Data Governance - aligned to the Transformation that Agency is on, Agency is looking to onboard a change specialist with a special focus on Data Governance Adoption & Implementation.

The role is multifaceted, involving responsibilities related to managing and overseeing changes within an organization's information technology systems and ensuring the proper governance and integrity of its data.

This position will ensure successful prioritizing, approval, scheduling, and execution of information technology changes and will ensure compliance with agency goals, objectives, policies and industry regulations regarding data security and data integrity. This includes :
Ensuring that changes are properly planned, documented, approved, and implemented to maximize benefits to the organization. They streamline the change process to maintain service continuity while delivering improvements. Establishing a definitive framework for managing change and data governance processes

Develop a change management plan for data initiatives

Enable implementation of data governance policy and procedures by implementing communication planning for continuous improvement

Manage changes to framework and process for data principles, including training and collaboration

Facilitate changes to ensure compliance with privacy and security policies and regulations

Collaborate with Data Governance Council stakeholders to define and monitor key performance indicators related to adoption and success of data governance

Implementing process to ensure reliable testing and vetting of proposed changes

Creating communication channels between necessary stakeholders

Establishing effective approval processes

Streamlining the entire change process, reducing service downtime while also delivering value to end users more quickly

Managing VITA change requests and facilitating the Change Advisory Board

Improving the quality and value of core data assets

Developing long-term plans for data management infrastructures, procedures for data governance, storage and access

Ensuring compliance with relevant agency policies, laws, regulations, industry standards regarding data security and integrity

Must possess the below knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Understanding of IT systems, cloud and data architectures, and technologies to oversee changes effectively

A solid understanding and experience with change management principles, methodologies, tools, and best practices

Strong knowledge of data governance principles, data literacy, data lifecycle, data quality, and data security practices

Knowledge of various change models and frameworks

Ability to plan a structured approach to change

Risk management skills to identify potential issues and develop strategies to mitigate them

Business acumen to develop a data governance model that ensures the data is secure and accessible when needed

Data modelling and data architecture

Familiarity with relevant industry regulations (such as HIPAA) and compliance requirements related to data governance

Ability to align IT strategies with business objectives and long-term planning

Skilled in accessing assessing risks related to IT change and data governance and implementing risk mitigation strategies

Technical skills such as cloud, database/warehouse design, build and management

Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal

Ability to document procedures, policies, and change comprehensively

Excellent active listening skills

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