Choudhry Shahid Iqbal

CEO & President

Shahid brings 30+ years of extensive experience in business processes, IT solutions, innovations, transformations, integration, and leadership to Sparkle Genius. Solutions-oriented IT Executive with notable success in Enterprise Agile Transformation & Adoption; Enterprise Coach Certified; Team Coach Certified; Scrum Coach Certified; Business Liaison for ED Agile; Program & Portfolio Management; Agile Coaching; directing a broad range of corporate IT initiative while working in diverse fast pace functional, matrix, and project organizations. Expertise in the implementation of Agile methodology in complex organizations. Expertise in the setup of support model and processes for Agile tracking tools (Jira, Version One, Rally, etc.) implementation and adoption. Splendid experience in Delivery Transformation change, Integration process, and projects; roll out viable and sustainable solution for a larger base to set up for success. Champion in providing End to End solutions for any IT/business initiatives for any size of Organization. Outstanding record of accomplishments of Strategic Portfolio and Program Management, Planning and coordinating various activities; including Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing Processes in direct support of business objectives of organizations.

Rohina Shahid


Rohina is phenomenal in HR & administrative procedures, systems and knows how to devise ways to streamline the processes of Sparkle Genius - top to bottom. In-depth understanding of office management procedures, and departmental and legal policies. Recruited and trained a substantial amount of employees throughout her long impactful career; monitoring and enforcing employee policies.

Yasir Iqbal

Chief Operating Officer

Yasir has a comprehensive and dynamic career spanning several domains over the past 20 + years. He has cultivated a robust portfolio in Leadership, Management, Business Development, Public Relations, Customer Engagement, Information Technology, Training, and Transformation. Each of these fields has afforded him the opportunity to develop a well-rounded skill set and a strategic mindset essential for driving organizational success. As a seasoned leader and manager, he has consistently demonstrated the ability to inspire and guide cross-functional teams towards achieving strategic goals. His leadership style is collaborative, fostering an environment of open communication, innovation, and continuous improvement. He excel in managing diverse teams, ensuring operational efficiency, and aligning team efforts with the overarching business objectives. In the realm of business development, Yasir has a proven track record of identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities to drive growth. His approach involves meticulous market analysis, strategic planning, and forging strong partnerships. By leveraging his deep understanding of market trends and customer needs, he has successfully expanded market presence and increased revenue streams for various organizations. Yasir expertise in public relations is underscored by his ability to craft compelling narratives and build strong relationships with key stakeholders. He has managed comprehensive PR campaigns that enhance brand visibility and reputation. With a solid foundation in information technology, he bring a tech-savvy perspective to all his endeavors. Training and organizational transformation are pivotal in his portfolio. He has designed and executed comprehensive training programs that upskill employees and prepare them for evolving business challenges. His transformation initiatives focus on cultural change, process optimization, and the adoption of new technologies to ensure organizations remain agile and competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Mansoor Wali

Director (F&R)

Mansoor has over 13 years of experience in Finance, Accounting, Recruiting, Operations, Accounts, and Vendor Management. He has brought extensive experience and leadership to Sparkle Genius.

Asma Wali

Department Head (MIS)

Supervises various systems of Sparkle Genius, and manages groups of technical specialists to provide smooth server-side experience internally and externally to all Sparkle Genius employees and clients. Contributed heavily to many internal projects/systems such as Consultant Recruitment Management System, Vendor Distribution Management System, and SG Payroll Management System. Friendly with staff and has a positive impact on her team.

Faiza Zaman

Business Development Manager

Faiza is a dynamic and results-driven professional with a proven track record in business development management. With a keen eye for identifying growth opportunities and strategic partnerships, Faiza has consistently delivered impactful solutions to drive revenue and market expansion. Her strong interpersonal skills, coupled with a deep understanding of market trends, enable her to cultivate lasting client relationships and forge alliances that propel business success. Faiza's passion for innovation and her ability to think outside the box make her a valuable asset in navigating complex business landscapes and driving sustainable growth.

Tariq Iqbal

Regional Head Middle East

Tariq brings in 30+ years of impressive experience of Leadership, Management, Telecommunication, Business Development, Public Relations, Customer Engagement, Information Technology, Training and Transformation. He has interacted globally with various sectors of industries and governmental entities. He has an extensive background in communications. He knows the global nature of evolving industries and transformational changes. His friendly personality and fluency in Arabic, English and other languages makes him unique among his clientele. He is highly skilled to establish strong ties with his client and understand their distinctive challenges.