About Us: Sparkle Genius

We established Sparkle Genius in 2015 with strong foundational pillars: integrity, trust, transparency, and mutual respect. Sparkle Genius started in Richmond, Virginia, and has grown substantially with team members, clientele, and partners throughout the United States and multiple countries across the globe.

Sparkle Genius is continually monitoring the trends of the industry. Through our constant adaptability, we provide end-to-end solutions for major business domains including but not limited to: Government, Banking, Health and Services, Insurance, Retail, Education, Finance, and more.

Services to expand and grow companies are becoming necessary, therefore we provide a multitude of solutions:  Agile Transformation, Strategic Alignment and Planning, Process Development and Improvements, IT Solutions, Data-warehouse, SAP-Business Intelligence, Program Management, Staff Resourcing, Direct placement, Architectural solutions, Support model, Agile Tool’s Management, Integration solution, and more.

Our diligent and keen staffing department has helped establish phenomenal rapport with clients. We are continually seeking talented and experienced candidates to fulfill diverse job positions. We thoroughly vet our candidates and keep constant connections with both clients and consultants to make the recruiting process as dynamic and hassle-free as possible. 

Our company has had substantial success in meeting industry demands and compliance with the most cost-effective products. Since starting, we have provided engaging workshops, trained and certified individuals in Agile, and presented our knowledge and research at several conferences. 

Whether you are seeking a job as a candidate, are a client ready to work with a genuine company, are interested in certifications and workshops, or are interested in any of the diverse solutions we provide, we would enjoy working with you. Let’s Succeed Together!